National Digital Database.

”The National Digital Database (NDD), the new archives of the digital era for today’s
knowledge-based society, allows us to reach the digitalized values of our cultural inheritence.”

Hungarian Central Statistical Office

Portals to the World the homepage of the US Library of Congress. Selected information on nations,
countries, and different partsof the world.

Database of WorldAtlas.Com.
Geographical data and facts about continents,
countries and population.

Geographical superlatives – the highest, the biggest,
the smallest, the deepest, the oldest

Altapedia On Line.
Contains full color physical maps, political maps as
well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

Statistical collection of the Digital knowledgebase of
the UN about the countries of the world.

Countries at first sight” Up-to-date news,
economical, environmental, healthcare,
technological data about the world’s countries.

United Nations Statistics Division
, database.

Census Bureau Geography.
Information, facts and data

Population Pyramids.
Data, diagrams on the ditribution of the pupulation according to age and sex by country to country

Interactive World Fact Book.
”Countries of the world”
Virtual information, flags and maps of every country

CIA World Fact Book.
Interactive fact-book of the CIA – fact sheet
Statistical and other kind of information about
countries, which students, parents and teachers
might need.

“All materials you might need” Basic facts,
country information, statistical
information of the world.
News, information about countries, forecasts, statistics about the countries of the world.

Aneki World Rankings.
Extensive database about countries,
continents and about the world.

Historical, demographical and statistical review of
the population of the world’s countries.

GeoHive: global statistics
Global demographical and statistical overview of
the population of all the countries in the world.

CITY POPULATION. Statistical overview of the population of all the countries in the world, their administrative divisions and their important cities.

World Gazetteer. Demographical and other
statistical overview and data.

Administrative Divisions of Countries ("Statoids").
Facts and data about countries Encyclopedia about the
“great powers”, nations, international and
regional organizations.

Nation Master. Great deal of statistical infromation
on the Earth’s countries.

Facts of the World. Facts and data.

Fact Monster. Geographical superlatives – the
highest, the biggest, the smallest, the deepest,
the oldest

CountryWatch. Information on the Earth’s
countries, for individuals, schools, universities
and libraries.

Sabine Parish Schools link collection about
statistical data.

Publication Hub – Gateway to UK Statistics

The European Digital Library

The European Library is a free service that offers access to the resources of the 48 national libraries of Europe in 32 languages