Map games for teaching geograpy

Authors: dr.Rigóczky Csaba - dr. Kriska György


Quizes on geography. Landform, Hungary, travelling, world, economy, science, history, religion, cities, music.

Geography Games.
Collection of games on geography. Continents, countries, natural geography.

Quizes on geographical themes
Natural geography, Earth, rivers, lakes, seas, mountains, islands. Where is it? Carpathian-basin and games on other themes.

Games on Economic geography, Geography of the world, Geography of continents

Interesting geographical games.

Geographical games on the capitals of the world’s countries, geographical places, geographical grad network, countries, continets, rivers, geological forms.

Games to test our geographical knowledge.
Flags, capitals and map games.

Geographical games. Let’s learn playfully about
the world’s countries and capitals.

Many many games to improve our capabilities
of using and reading maps.

Test our knowledge of geography with games

Where is it? Countries, countinents can be
learnt about in a playful way.

The UN’s digital knowledgebase’s pages on geographical games and puzzles.

Interactive geographical games for children.

Ollie’s Club.

Geographical games, puzzles, jigsaw puzzles.

National Geographic’s website on pirates
for children.
GeoBee explorer game,
continent game
GeoSpy game

Geographic portal of the St. Ivo School’s
Geography Department of Geography.
Geographical games.

Interactive geographical games.

The Internet Geography Quizzes

Playful geographical games.

Geographical games of

Barnaby Bear – Information of Barnaby Bear’s
journey around the world! Learning geography
in a playful way.

Hull Trinity House School’s
interactive geographical games.

Collection of online geographical games.

Collection of links to geographical games.

World Geography Games. Link collection of geographical games.

Map jigsaw-puzzles of the USA knowledgebase.

Jigsaw-puzzle of the Earth’s countries.
Jigsaw-puzzle of continents.

Map jigsaw-puzzle from

Games with maps

Puzzles, crosswords and other games
on geography.

Test our knowledge of geography.
Be geniuses in geography!