Virtual Field Course.
Electronic aids for organizing field paracitces.

Geography World.
Digital teaching resources collected by Brad Bowerman.

GeoWorld. The geography teacher’s world.

Geography Classroom.
Electronic teaching resources for geography teachers.

The Staffordshire Net for Learning. Teachings materials and ideas for teaching geography.

Teacher Resource Exchange.
Lesson plans, ideas for teachers.

Virtual Teacher’s Centre Cymru.
Virtual centre for teachers.

GeoInteraktíve – Geography Resources.
Interactive teaching resources.
Lesson plans, ideas.

Valuable resources and links.

Education Place – Social Studies Center
Virtual teaching resources for teaching Social sciences.

Key Geography – ICT in geography lessons

Oxfam's Cool Planet
– Electronic teaching resources for teachers

Geography – resource centre
Digital resource centre.

National Geographic Education Network
Digital teaching resource store

Teaching geography with the help of visualization: pictures, animations, efficient usage of models

The ESA’s pedagogical portal for teachers

Education and technology in the 21st century