Images of the World

Recommended to those, who – for some reason – can’t travel.

Photos of Paul Jeffrey

Of Angola, Mexico, Afghanistan, Ethiopea,
Venezuela, earthquakes,…etc

Tribal Eye

Photos of discoveries, journeys from all over the world.

Photo gallery of NatGeo

Geo-Images Project

It accumulates such pictures, mainly photographs from the internet, that can be used goal-wise during geography teaching.

Royal Geographical
Society 's picture collection

Thematic geographical picture gallery.

"Geographical photos"
More than 8 thousand high resolutin, downloadable and venal photos.

“Window to our world”. An unexampled collection of geographical photos. (more than 2,500 free to download pictures.) The usage - of the pictures and geographical data stored here – in education is invaluable.

87460 pictures in 132 groups, ordered in 2814 categories. One of the biggest, free to download, non commercial photo collection on the Internet.

„Visible Earth”

The catalogue of pictures and animations of Earth by NASA

Pictures taken by professional astronomers with explanations

US Geological Survey
Picture galley of the Multidisciplinar Scientific Organization.
Earth Resources Observation Systems.
Special collection of wonderful pictures of historical significance.

Wonderful pictures that show the facade of our beautiful Earth.
Shows its rock shell’s, water shell’s appearance’s different forms, the atmosphere and the various life forms and habits.

Earth from the Air

Photographic portrait of the Earth. Free open-air exhibition 2004.


A collection of thematic maps related to geography teaching.

Gallery of space images

„Virtual guide books”

It makes travelling to special places possible thorugh virtual photos.

A picture gallery

Pictures of space, the Solar System, the Earth, space travels.

Geographical photo gallery.

Geographical picture gallery of the website of the geography teachers of Staffordshire, sent by users.

Photos from North-America related to Geography

Yann Arthus Betrand's website

Aerial photos of our wonderful Earth.

Photos and Images of the Earth

Geographical photos of geographical objects.

Geography Clipart, Pictures and Photographs

More than 30 thousand free to download pictures, illustrations and photos in 650 categories.

ORBIMAGE Image Gallery

Space images of the Earth.

„Images of the Solar system.”

Excellent multimedia adventure, during wihich the shining Sun, planets, moons, comets, asteroids unfold ahead of us.

Pictures of the United Kingdom.