Earthwalker 1.

Methodological handbook on teaching geography 1.

Author: Makádi Mariann

Earthwalker 2.

Methodological handbook for practising geography teachers
and students

Natural Sciences
Teacher’s Treasury

For pedagogues teaching
biology, geography, physics
and chemistry in primary school


Geography from the ancient
times up to these days.

Author: Mendöl Tibor, Probáld Ferenc

Social and economical
geography of Hungary

Author: Perczel György (editor.)

Regional geography of Europe.

Author: Probáld ferenc

University and College

Regional geography of America.

Author: Probáld Ferenc

University and College

Geography of Africa and the Middle-Earth.

Author: Probáld Ferenc

University and College

Geography of Asia, Australia
and Oceania

Author: Probáld Ferenc,
Horváth Gergely (editor.)

Oversea continents.

Author: Gábris Gyula (editor)

Regional natural geographic
atlas. University and College schoolbook


Regional natural geographic atlas


Author: Gábris Gyula (editor.)

General natural geography

Author: Borsy Zoltán (editor.)

Chapters from the topic of
general natural geography


Author: Székely András

General social geography I.

Author: Tóth József

General social geography II.

Author: Tóth József

The geography of the
successor states of
the Soviet union

Author: Rudl József

Natural geography of Autralia, Oceania and the Arctic

Author: Gruber László

Fundaments of territory and settlement development

Author: Süli Zakar István


Author: Horváth Gyula (editor.)

Development of the Earth
and life

Author: Molnár Béla

Mineral identifier

Author: Bognár László

Let’s recognize minerals!

Author: Gyuricza György

Astronomical geography

Authors: DR. Gábris Gyula,
Dr. Marik Miklós,
Dr. Szabó József

History of the globes and
celestial spheres.

Authors: Klinghammer István

Practices in Geobraphy

Authors: Endrédi Lajos -
Benke János -
Harag Ferenc


Handbook of

Author: Kelemen László

Technical books on Geography

Technical books on geography and regional

Techical book offer on Geology and Geography

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Schoolbooks and aids for students and teachers!

Old books on the internet!

.Astronomical school book
for beginners and advanced

General geology

The restless Earth