Online map page of ELTE’s Cartographical
and Geoinformatical Department

Maps on the Hungarian side of the Web


Altapedia World Maps On Line.

Colour relief and political maps, information, data, statistics about the world’s countries.

Map pages of the website of National Geographic Society

Satellite pictures, streetmaps, relief and
other thematic maps.

Map and geographical sitemap.

National Geographic Xpeditions

Free to download; it provides excellent
contour and country maps.

Oddens' Bookmarks’s map and link collection

Map collection of the PC Library of the
University of Texas.

Napi Maps related to daily political events,
current and other maps.

Relief and political map


One of the world’s greatest map shop.
Free to download maps, map games.

Link collection of the Rutgers Cartography

SAGE’s link collection of maps

Geography World’s link collection of maps.

Maps of World. The website offers maps -
in excellent resolution
– of different countries, continents and cities.

Outline Maps.

The maps of the homepage is printable and copyable for personal and educational purposes


One of the world’s richest online air image, satellite picture and map collection.

The Great Globe Gallery.

Maps, globes, thematic and historical maps,
satellite pictures.

The Map guide

The website contains loads of world maps,
atlases, continent maps, country maps and
thematic maps and links to them.


Canadian knowledgebase’s map pages.

Link collection of map pages

Magic interactive map.

Magical interactive maps that allow localization
and connect geographical information with
environmental schemes

Nework Startup Resource Center’s map

The Generic Mapping Tools

A software pack with which we can create
good quality maps.

Online Map Creation.

Online map drawing tool, which allows
interactive drawing of simple maps

National Atlas

The publication contains more than 50 printable
maps of North-America.

Color Landform Atlas of the United States.