A lesson plan is the specific plan of exercises for each lesson, the last chain of preparation. It is most significant considering the efficiency of the lesson. The success or failure of the lesson might depend on it. Writing lessons plans is not a must for tea

chers, but it should not be ignored even by experienced teachers. A lesson plan should not necessarily adapt to the rigid formal rules but the topic of the lesson, the timing and the methods have to be planned.

The content to be taught has to be decided as well. This determines the type of lesson, the method to be applied, the tools to be used and the timing. There are other factors to be considered, for instance the requirements of the country and the given region, the students’ interest and aptitude.

With its continuously expanding lesson plan supply, nEtSZKÖZKÉSZLET helps to keep motivating lessons with varied exercises. There are lesson plans for team work in a project, and for lessons requiring digital technology. Teachers today do not doubt that a successful teacher, apart from having extensive knowledge in their major, should use the up-to-date school equipment efficiently. They will more probably use these if the specific lesson plans are given.

Primary school

  • 8th grade

Grammar school

  • 9th grade
  • 10th grade

Technical school

Vocational school