We use this notion for such research methods, with which we collect data from our closer or wider environment in such a way, that the information collector (usually called sensor) apparatus is not in direct contat with the examined object or phenomenon. Photography is a typical way of GIS-type data collection; the camera which is in a determined distance from the object or phenomenon, through its lens receives the light (electromagnetic radiation) and projects it onto a light-sensitive plate (film), on which by chemical reactions, picture develops.(Geographic information system)

Aerial images

These photos are made with specially designed measuring cameras for this purpose, that are attached to airplanes. These photos can be monochrome or color, and with an appropriate evaluating instrument we can use pictures with 3D effects in making our map. (Jesús Reyes Nunez)

Space images

Photos taken by sattelites are employed in making maps since the 1960’s. Satellite pictures not only cover large surfaces, but as being digital in format, they can be used and analyzed directly in GIS systems.
(Jesús Reyes Nunez)